An Absolutely Lavish Greek Wedding

We had the opportunity to design and produce a beautiful wedding reception for a delightful Greek couple, Stacey and Gabe Koutlas. Every detail was well thought out and emanated Athenian royalty. The floral by Alexis Koutlas was to die for, with blooming white roses and hydrangea, and drops of greens. If we had to choose three attributes to describe the feeling of this wedding they would be: fresh, classic, and elegant. The color palette was simple with just white, green, and neutral shades. The Greeks have some of the best food on earth (in our opinion) and this party proved it to be true. Philo dough appetizers were passed around as well as buttery baklava and gorgeous cupcakes. Framed vintage photographs were decorating the tables and the sepia tones added warmth to the white linens. As the sun went down, the crystal chandeliers sparkled, strands of white lights appeared and white candles set the romantic tone. It was truly a joyful evening complete with the whole family line dancing around the Pravda studio.

Event Design: Pravda Events | Photography: Barbie Hull | Food and Beverage: Herban Feast | Cupcakes: New York Cupcakes | Venue: Pravda | Videography: Montesa Entertainment Floral: Alexis Koutlas

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Pravda Pumpkin Party

So last Friday we did something that we’ve never done before… we had a Pravda Pumpkin Party! In preparation for Halloween and Fall, we thought it would be fun to provide people with an awesome space to decorate in and tools to make sweet pumpkins! We were thoroughly surprised by our guests’ creativity and skill. The process of carving and connecting with each other was just as thrilling as the final products!

There were a lot of new relationships built and borders crossed between all different industries and backgrounds. Tasty dishes, including Puerto Rican Beef Stew and creepy lady fingers, were brought by all. The best part about it was giving away awesome PRIZES to the top three pumpkins which were elected by all of the attendees. The third place winner received a three-hour photo shoot in Pravda’s studio for themselves and up to two friends. Second place won four-thousand dollars to use at Pravda Events for any rentals including the studio! The first place winner received six-thousand dollars to use at Pravda to rent the studio space, furniture, or any décor item that we offer! We thought it would be a pretty sweet deal especially with holiday parties coming up :)

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Badgeville City Tour Seattle

Recently we had the opportunity of welcoming the leader of gamification, Badgeville, into our studio for their City Tour Event. For those of you who are perplexed by the word “gamification” as we were, it means that Badgeville provides ways in which businesses can connect with their customers by giving them an engaging experience. In a way, Badgeville shows businesses how they can make rather uninteresting and unappealing processes more like games both for their customers and their employees.

On their tour which traveled to New York, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco they had many different speakers that talked about  how “the practice of applying powerful behavior motivating techniques from traditional games to non-game experiences, is changing the face of digital loyalty” ( The Seattle event, held at Pravda, featured Sean O’Driscoll from Ant’s Eye View, Jim Petty of Bazaarvoice, Bill Piwonka of Janrain, and An Le of Yammer.

For this event, we created an amphitheater of chairs so that the speakers could stand in the middle and move around to people in the audience. We used a lot of our modern, white lounge furniture for a swanky cocktail and networking hour. To add some sparkle, we hung crystal beaded curtains around the plush furniture which made the space feel like a private bar. This kind of environment allows people to be comfortable and free to drift from couch to couch in order to network with different groups of people.

The food was perfected by City Catering and included empanadas, mushroom risotto cakes, spring lamb dolmas, and other passed Hors d’Oeuvres. For dessert there were tasty bites of cherry swirl cheesecake and little lemon curd tartlets!

Badgeville City Tour Seattle was definitely a success with lots of helpful information acquired and many new connections and relationships built!

Venue: Pravda Events | Catering: City Catering | Photography: Pravda Events

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Inspiration for a Fall Fête

Fall has definitely arrived in Seattle and it has us all excited about the new flavors, colors, and textures that come with the season. In planning for some upcoming Autumn events, we’ve gathered a lot of inspiration and ideas for creative invitations, festive table decorations and tasty guest gifts. We thought that we would share a few of our favorites from our collection of pins.

1 | An invitation for an apple picking party makes us wish we were on the guest list! The scripted typeface references curly twigs that you might find on an apple tree and the way that the letters are intertwined gives us a feeling of friendship. The texture of the chalkboard-like invite and the painted envelope lets the guest know that this will be an exciting and interactive event.

2 | These painted branches are a gorgeous alternative to flowers in the fall. They can be placed in vases as tall, regal, centerpieces or they could make for an intriguing runner down the middle of a rectangular table. Another idea is to tie ribbon or twine on their bases and hang them from the ceiling to create your own kind of forest.

3 | We love this simple but beautiful way of using dried leaves as place holders. You could choose from the variety of beautiful colors that autumn trees have to offer, and then use a contrasting pen to write your guests names on them.

4 | These cheerful pumpkins could be wonderful lining the stairs or entryway to your party. Smaller pumpkins would also be great as centerpieces. We love how the tradition of carving three-dimensional shapes in pumpkins is expanded upon and made new with two dimensional paint and patterns.

5 | Elegant silverware is more inviting and less pretentious when the pieces are not placed perfectly side by side. The caramel color of the ribbon is rich and the soft texture is pleasant to untie. 6 | Caramel apples are always a treat but these miniature ones turn candy into a delicacy. They are adorable, easy to eat, and unique with the twigs! These would be perfect at a dessert table or given away as guest gifts!

7 | How delicious do these pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes look? The frosting is amazingly fluffy and with the marbled cake, you’re sure to find goodness in every bite! You can find the gluten-free recipe here.

Need a space to host your Fall fête? We are offering 50% off of our studio including cocktail tables, chairs, lounge furniture and more for parties booked between now and October 31st. Learn more here.

Photography credits: 1 | Rebecca Hansen Weddings 2 | unknown 3 | Ali Harper 4 | unknown 5 | Brooke Boling 6 | Unknown 7 | Silvana’s Kitchen

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Pravda in the Evening

Our studio has provided so many couples, families and companies with a magical and lively atmosphere for thousands of events. It is one of the few venues in Seattle that is perched on Capitol Hill with a panoramic view of the city. While the wrap around windows allow for vast amounts of gorgeous sunlight to pour in, the space is truly enchanting when the sun begins to go down. Every window is painted with beautiful colors and the silhouette of the city. We love how Jenn Repp Photography captured the environment of the space at an evening wedding last month.  Her photographs show how romantic the setting is, especially with strands of white bistro lights that make the ceiling sparkle. Her photos also show how Pravda can instantly go from being soft and romantic to bold and full of energy. The versatile space has the feeling of a private loft party on top of the city. To see more photos of Pravda’s studio click here.

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Crystal + Lloyd’s Wedding

This off-site wedding was an absolute joy to design and produce for. Crystal and Lloyd’s wedding and reception was last month at their family’s house. It is apparent that family is very important to this couple and that they both value relationships very much. The two seem to be a couple who really enjoys being silly together and laughing a lot. In different ways, Crystal and Lloyd are also both artistic and appreciate art of many kinds. Crystal was an Art History major and enjoys painting while Lloyd is interested in music, films, and photography.

We kept all of these characteristics in mind when helping them design and produce their wedding ceremony and reception. They had a pretty clear direction that they wanted to head, and we helped them take it there. They desired the atmosphere to be intimate and lively with a creative and romantic feeling. The tone needed to be fun and the textures were soft and smooth. Bright and cheerful hues of yellows and oranges were used throughout the décor and definitely enhanced the light-heartedness of the occasion. Crystal loves Glassybaby, has quite the collection, and rented 90 more! They were set up all over the backyard and emanated a soft, poetic glow throughout the evening. The flowers were beautiful bundles of yellow and orange blooms with succulents tucked in between. Little, potted succulents were also given as guest gifts with each one being unique to their recipient. We also love the personalized boxes of matches that were given away as a reminder of the couple and their special day! See Crystal + Lloyd’s complete style guide here!

The Pravda Production Team who helped bring it all together!

Wedding Photographer: Marcel Eisma | Wedding Venue: The Groom’s Family Home | Event Design + Production: Pravda Events | Food + Beverage: Ravishing Radish | Linen Rentals: AA Party Rentals | Disc Jockey: TMP Productions | Bride’s Dress: Badgley Mishcka | Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

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Gabe + Lexy’s Wedding

These past couple of weeks have been very busy for us including four weddings in just one weekend! One of those weddings was for our very own Art Director, Lexy, and her now husband, Gabe. The two met at Seattle Pacific University on Lexy’s birthday through a mutual friend. They quickly became friends and then the relationship became more serious after many long phone conversations when Lexy was in New York for a semester studying design. Gabe went to visit her, and then when Lexy came back to Seattle the two started thinking more seriously about marriage. He proposed at one of their favorite Seattle parks after a day at the zoo, the Sky View ObservatoryPike Place Market, and dinner at the Pink Door.

The two got married at Pravda and it was a beautiful evening. The 1950’s inspired décor included vintage touches with mod twists. The flowers were coral and white mixed with berries, and placed in bright turquoise mason jars. The bistro tables were covered in lace cloths and topped with antique doilies. Pravda’s urban loft proved to be a perfect setting for this union with it’s beautiful wooden floors and fresh white walls. To add some warmth to the walls, our team hung a few gold sheers around the perimeter that shimmered in the evening sunlight. Everything was romantic and very elegant. For guest gifts, the couple compiled a list of their favorite songs and put them on vinyl discs for their friends and family to enjoy. They looked like miniature records tied up with twine and the couples’ initials were pressed onto the front. After much Caribbean food and dancing, the two drove away in a turquoise, vintage Volkswagen. It was a bright and cheerful wedding to remember.

Wedding Photography: David Wentworth | Event Design + Production: Pravda Events | Event Venue: Pravda in Capitol Hill | Floral Design: Athena Flora | Wedding Cinematography: Maurice and Fancy Morales | Wedding Invitations: Constellation & Co. | Ceremony Music: Chris Bristol | Hair and Makeup: Tara Bowden | Bride’s Hair Piece: Sondra Elizabeth | Photobooth: Perry Azevedo Photography

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Where Should Pravda Call Home?

Hi Friends,

We are looking to find a new home for Pravda Events and would love to get your input on where that should be! We have thoroughly enjoyed our beautiful studio space in the heart of Capitol Hill and our clients have really enjoyed having their events here too. In the new year, our building is supposed to be torn down and although we will be sad to leave our current location, we are excited about finding another amazing event space to offer. So, think about what kind of awesome event you would have Pravda create and where in Seattle you would like it to be. Then give us your thoughts! We will take your answers into consideration and keep you updated on where we relocate to.  :)

Here are some photos of the cool space that has been so great for us and our clients!

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Pravda’s Art Director Ties the Knot!

…Thoughts from Lexy….

As Art Director and Graphic Designer at Pravda Events, it is my job to understand the personalities of our clients so that we can best tell their story to others. Specifically, I focus on how we can convey the clients’ story through the visual aspects of an event. Since joining the team in January, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few clients in helping them design events that are unique to them. At Pravda, it is also my job to know the personality of Pravda as a company and how to genuinely express our brand in our marketing material. What I have learned about Pravda as a company and the team members here, is that they are extremely talented and also personable. What you get when you work with Pravda on your event is the best quality without the pretentiousness. Have no fears about being judged or feeling less than knowledgable, but expect great results and a really good time.

So when my fiancé, Gabe, and I got engaged this past Spring, we were extremely excited to work with the rest of the Pravda team on our own wedding. The big day is less than two weeks away and so I thought I would give you a sneak peak in to what we are planning! For every event that Pravda is hired to design, we create a style guide that visually expresses the story of the client, and the mood of the event. Gabe and I enjoy classic styles, adventures, and creating (Gabe is a musician and composer). These are the three attributes we came up with for our wedding.

The look we are going for is vintage, hand-crafted, elegant, and organic. This is one of our emotion boards made out of scrap imagery that has inspired the feeling and the colors of the event.

We decided on a “Vacation in the 50s” theme to influence the look of our event and a color palette of mostly turquoise and coral.

Our invitations, inspired by vintage travel postcards, were designed and printed by our friends at Constellation & Co. They completely capture the friendly and inviting feeling that we desire to give people.

We are so excited to share this special time with our friends and family and to work with the rest of the team at Pravda Events on our own wedding!

In Love,


P.S. More updates to follow :)

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We Heart BHLDN

If you add two of our favorite things together, Weddings + Anthropologie, what do you get? From décor to dresses, BHLDN has some of the most delicious items this Summer. Texture is lacing every detail with intricate overlays and feathered edges. We thought that we would share some of our favorite items with you that we found on this insanely pretty website.

No. 1 Geronimo Balloon Set


We love how the soft and light tassles on these balloons allow for shiny metallics to peak through and add another layer of interest to the already gorgeous and playful decorations.

No. 2 Ethereal Monarch Gown

Sometimes butterflies can appear naive or immature but here, they provide a beautiful texture on the surface of this dress that is both elegant and romantic. The pleated tulle underneath adds another layer of mystery which is mimicked by the feather headband. Even the models hair has wonderfully undone wisps falling down.

No. 3 Acacia Lace Clutch

What is beautiful about this delicate clutch is that it is both simple but intricate at the same time. The clean, geometric shape contains the lace overlay so that it is perfectly framed and poised. At the same time, the texture adds femininity and class to a bold and modern design.

Thanks for reading and we hope you love BHLDN as much as we do!

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